City of Islamabad, Pakistan

IR3: INDUS BASIN-City of Islamabad-Pakistan

Stakeholder Workshop Islamabad 

14 November 2023 | Islamabad, Pakistan

The second PROVIDE regional stakeholder engagement workshop for the Upper Indus Basin and Islamabad was held at the Institute of Regional Studies, Pakistan, on 14 November 2023. The workshop was focused on Overshoot Proofing Methodology (OPM) and was attended by a diverse stakeholder group including representatives from government entities, private organizations, development partners, research and academia etc. The OPM was explained in great detail along with a presentation on a case study where OPM was applied to Pakistan’s National Adaptation Plan. Then the participants took part in an activity to apply OPM to a sectoral policy of their choice. OPM was also applied to two projects operational in the Iconic city and in Iconic region. Overall, the insights from stakeholders reveals that warming scenario projections are not necessarily used to inform resilience planning in Pakistan and overshoot is not a familiar concept. However, socio-economic adaptation limits are defined in most policies. The conclusion of the workshop was that work needs to be done to incorporate impact unavoidability and cross sectoral adaptation limits in adaptation planning.




Workshop Report

Second Regional Stakeholder Engagement – Workshop Upper Indus Basin and Islamabad